Stand Up Comedians

The best way to an audience’s heart is to tickle their funny-bone!

Pulse can offer you a range of comedians to perform at your event and turn it into a belly-clutching, cheeks-hurting, cackling good time! Every comedian has a different pitch and bases their material on different aspects of South African life. This allows our Pulse clients to choose a comedian suited to their event.

Below are just a few of the hottest comedians performing right now that can be booked by Pulse Entrepreneurs.

In Addition:

  • Dave Levinsohn – who says he was born in Springs but that he’s OK now, is well-known for his off-the-wall re-examination of everyday topics, as well as his ability to improvise when interacting with the crowd. He has a knack for finding the right tone and pitches his humour at a level that everyone can appreciate, without being offensive.
    Paul Snodgrass – whose high-energy performances have had audiences all over South Africa rolling in the aisles, and who counts among his achievements a rave performance at the Edinburgh Arts Festival.
    Colin Moss – the much-loved actor; reality TV show presenter; and comedian. Moss started his career as a stand-up comic, in order to make money for toothpaste; beer; and petrol. Comedy is a lifelong passion and he regularly works the comedy circuit – both locally, and in the UK and Ireland.
  • Neville Pillay – aka Top Dan, a familiar name on the Durban comedy circuit, having performed to a wide audience base over the years. Pillay is known for his wise-cracking and humorous take on being Indian in Durban, indeed South Africa, and his twisted tunes, song parodies made famous on his radio show.
    Darren Maule – the well-known actor, TV game-show host and comedian who has established himself as a firm favourite on the comedy circuit. Maule is most recently known for the man-you-love-to-hate part he plays in the celebrity Survivor South Africa: Santa Carolina. Maule is also the MC for the entire Have a Break Comedy Road show series.
    Krijay Govender – the multi-talented stage and TV actress; beauty queen; journalist; radio personality; and comedienne, who headlines the show (and shares the top spot with Trevor Noah on the last night of the Durban leg.)

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