Classical Music Performers

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David was born in Aachen on 4th september 1980 of American mother and German father. When David was four, his father brought back a violin to his older brother. The little David, already an hot-headed temper, wanted to do the same and he insisted very much to playing too. His ability and his interest to play caused the admiration of all his entourage. At the age of 5, he toke part in a competition and succeeded it with awards. He was 7 and he played already in public once a week. He went to the Lubeck Conservatoire, then he studied in Berlin.

Talented Artist INSPIRING

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Catherine Stiff started playing the violin when she was 5.  She is an amazing young lady who has impressed me over the years with her talent as a young violinist.  Ensemble with Catherine now age 10 playing “CONCERTO IN UNGARISCHER WEISE.”  Thank you for this wonderful performance and you will inspire many as you play.  From Catherine Canary at Pulse.

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This is how young talent begins!  Emma Stiff who is age 5 plays a lovely piece by Annalien Balland.  Emma you are a joy to watch.  Thank you from Catherine Canary

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